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The Story

The Client presented me with an old logo of a simple spaceship and wanted me to spruce it up a bit and imbue it with a little of my own flair.


The brand focuses on the untold possibilities of the upcoming metaverse, and wanted to represent the idea of the pioneering exploration of space travel, within their visionary expedition into this new world.


My first step was to upgrade the spaceship into a futuristic and slick design, then symbolize the launch into the unknown with curling up rocket fuel smoke that can be adapted into a flexible transparent design that utilizes its background as its fuel.


He wanted to keep some form of his orange colour scheme, so I incorporated it into the glow of a sun that signifies the possibilities beyond the horizon, neatly reflected in the sheen of water beneath it.


The Badge-like emblem representing that of a government space program that is deeply embedded into the lore of the brand can be switched out with a variety of flexible variations that suit the brands digital and merchandise needs.