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JM Design

The Background

This is my brand, travelling the world and specialising in logo design and brand creation, my mission is to inspire local business growth through a fresh and global perspective.

The Story

Even throughout university, my style has had a minimal, geometric edge.

The 'JM' standing solid in the centre of my logo demonstrates this.


My brand focuses on bringing a global perspective to local design, as I travel the world. Its an attempt to give back to the local cultures that give us so much.


So that is what my logo represents, its a compass, in my flat and minimal style.


The line through the middle is direction, the point a focus for travel and culture; Running through the bigger circle that represents the global aspect, and the smaller connected circle reaches the local community, creates this idea of inclusion.


The triangle shows the strength and balance of this unity through design. The open space this creates, shows the transparency of my brand, always open, always available.