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6 thoughts on “How to Get Web Design Clients”

  1. Sorry dude, you lost me at 1:16. If you want to do a promotion please be
    informative about that. Or maybe do your promo at the end of the vid. Will
    really not waste anymore time here.

  2. Friedrich Salzmann says:

    Very good thoughts! Especially the way to look at classified ads and
    partner with local affiliates. ´╗┐

  3. Ricco Mayoral says:

    I have all 6 of your themes and added this video to the tutorials i
    downloaded. This is very informative and helpful.

  4. Muhammad Junaid says:

    Hy bro… i am junior web developer and new in market but am really
    talented…so plz bro can you guide me ?

  5. GreekSatellite says:

    These are some pretty good tips. Thanks!

  6. dmpCreative Design Studio says: